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Wisdom in the Days of a “Polycrisis”

Are you familiar with the term polycrisis?

A “polycrisis” is defined as a cluster of negative events that could converge at the same time. The impact could exceed the sum of each part. For example, Covid and the war in Ukraine affected the world in multiple ways. We’re experiencing social and political polarization, the effects of corruption and violence. We have immigration issues, cybercrime, and cyber insecurity, and questions about the impact of A.I. We’re experiencing natural disasters and extreme weather. Americans face cost of living challenges, high personal debt, and government’s out-of-control spending. A “polycrisis” seems to be an accurate description of the times. There are many challenges converging everywhere, all at once. The complexity and danger presented by these can create fear and chaos. That’s why we need to navigate our times with God’s wisdom.

One of the greatest challenges we face is the attack on Truth. The contrast between the world’s wisdom and God’s wisdom is extreme. Without God, man does what is right in his own eyes, and Hell comes to Earth. We need Truth – the Truth, and we need men and women who are filled with and guided by the wisdom that flows from the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Otherwise, the darkness grows like a fog and destroys those taken captive by lies. So steward your life and resources with intentionality so that you can impact others and glorify God. You’ll be prepared for days ahead and able to help others in a polycrisis. 

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