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When Friendships Are Costly

Certain friends can cost you money.

Sherry, a recent college graduate, always spent too much money with certain friends. They actually became dangerous to her financial well-being. She knew something had to change. Some people don’t respect our desire to live beneath our means, to abide by a budget, or save for the future. If you’re always spending more or going into debt with friends, it hurts your financial health. If they criticize your car, your clothes, or more it damages your emotional health. If you’re constantly defending yourself or are intimidated by them, you need new friends. Some big spenders may just not understand Biblical stewardship. Learn to winsomely communicate why you desire to live frugally. It enables you to give more, save more, and have less stress. Speaking this in a spirit of love creates opportunities to help others living beyond their means. You can show them how to live differently.

The insecure often overspend to prove themselves. If they hear the gospel and discover who they are in Christ, they can experience financial and emotional freedom. They’ll learn that Biblical financial stewardship is faithfully managing whatever God provides. When planning things with friends, set clear financial boundaries so that everyone understands the plan. Be prepared to offer less expensive options or other ways to experience budget-conscious fellowship. Plug into a local church and join a small group or Bible study to find some new friends.

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