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What To Do With Foreign Currency

Have you collected any foreign currency?

I’ve accumulated currency from traveling throughout various countries. I doubt that any is really collectible or even valuable. It was cheaper to hold onto it than paying exchange rates at the airport. Now there are several things you can do with foreign currency. If you think coins have some value, start a spreadsheet for them by country. Do some research to determine the condition of each. Don’t try to clean anything old, rare or potentially valuable. Leave that to an expert. The Professional coin Grading Service is a great  place to learn about values. The website gives market reports, news and events. They list dealers and even clubs. You can possibly connect with people in your own community. The American Numismatic Society also provides information online.

If you’re ready to part with your collection, consider giving it to a family, missionaries, or your church. Exchange it with people who travel to those countries, or simply sell it. If you attend a coin collectors trade show. you’ll have the opportunity to see coins and talk with dealers. You can get potentially valuable ones appraised, or study coins offered on eBay. You can learn a lot there. Be wise and discerning to avoid being scammed. There may be someone in your church who can offer you wise counsel. I like the advice Moses’ father-in-law gave him: … select capable men from all the people—men who fear God, trustworthy men who hate dishonest gain…” (Exodus 18:21)

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