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Wealthy People Are Greedy – A Myth

Do you believe all wealthy people are greedy?

A popular money myth is that all wealthy people must be greedy. It’s become a frequent rant on social media. Individuals express outrage over the incomes, lifestyles, or spending choices of the rich and paint them as self-absorbed, indulgent, or greedy. Now this myth is built upon a belief that money is accumulated because of bad motives, manipulation, or even deception. Now, I do agree that some greedy people with wealth make bad choices, but this is also true of poor people. Greed is a motive of the heart and we should not be quick to judge a person’s motives. I’ve known many wealthy people who are not motivated by greed whatsoever. In fact, they’re the opposite. They’re very generous people.

The Bible condemns two rich people in the New Testament. One is a foolish farmer wanting to tear down his barn and build bigger barns to store his large harvest. The other is the rich man who lived with the beggar, Lazarus, outside his gate.  In telling these parables, Jesus never condemns their wealth, only their poor use of it.

Many who’ve been entrusted with wealth recognize the responsibility of stewarding it well. They create good products and provide jobs that bless families and communities. They seek to be generous to God’s kingdom. So, when it comes to greed, let’s get the plank out of our own eye before we point out the speck in another’s.

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