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Waiting Instead of Financing

Do you wait for what you want? 

I grew up in the days of “lay-away”. If you couldn’t afford an item, the store would hold it while you made payments on it. After your final payment, you could take it home. Gone are the days of eating off card tables and folding chairs, sleeping on mom and dad’s hand-me-down mattresses, and driving Grandma’s Buick. If you want something today that you can’t afford, you can finance it. Rather than waiting, people choose instant gratification without thinking about the consequences. From concert tickets, exercise equipment, clothing, and travel, people are falling prey to buy now, pay later opportunities – or credit cards.

Despite the warnings of economic turmoil, Americans spend over $300 a month on impulse purchases alone. When credit cards aren’t paid off in full each month, interest can reach exorbitant rates. This increases the total balance and traps unprepared spenders for years. Failing to meet buy now, pay later terms also causes fees and penalties. There’s a blessing in taking a serious look at your finances. Building a budget, and establishing habits of giving, saving, and, of course, waiting impacts our future and the lives of those around us. Self-control is actually a fruit of the Spirit! Proverbs 19:10 tells us to avoid what we can’t afford. It says, “It is not fitting for a fool to live in luxury…” The Apostle Paul said that God is faithful, and won’t let you be tempted beyond your ability. Ask God to give you strength, so that you have the power to wait for what you want.

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