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Vacations You Can Afford

Are you taking a vacation?

Vacations are affordable when done on a budget. Clear parameters prevent financial stress upon your return home. Vacationing without debt requires cooperation, planning, perseverance, and sacrifices, but the reward is worth it. Spend some time researching costs, then, set a financial goal and get started. Try cutting back on variable expenses to accumulate more cash. If the family works together, you can jointly agree on things like no eating out, giving up certain activities, subscriptions, or new clothing. How about having a garage sale or selling larger items on Facebook Marketplace? Consider driving to see friends and family or receiving them at your home. Camp out, stay in a state or national park, spend time in nature, and just unplug. Take a staycation and enjoy a break in routine while experiencing low-cost options near your home. Invite other families to join you. Make it a truly enjoyable time for all! If you just can’t afford it, save for a fall or winter vacation. You can find some great rates in the off-season!

It’s easy to overspend on vacations. We relax and want to treat the family to new activities or once-in-a-lifetime experiences. It’s easier to give in to a child or spouse than answer with a loving “Nope – can’t do that this year.” So discuss your finances before leaving home. Then, hold one another accountable. Consider enacting a “no complaining” rule. Any complaints must be substituted with thanksgiving!

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