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Vacation Saving Tips

Are you making vacation plans?

Vacations help us relax and renew our minds. With some planning, they don’t have to break our budget. NerdWallet studied hotel rates and found some of the best deals are found just two weeks prior to arrival. You can save nearly 13% on an average room rate in North America. If you prefer high-end hotels, you can save almost 22% booking 15 days in advance. Many hotels have generous cancellation policies, but often they’re only honored when reservations are made directly through the hotel. If booked through a travel agent or third-party, you may not be able to get a full refund. If traveling to a location with few hotel rooms, it pays to book early to guarantee you have a place to stay. Cities with lots of hotels are usually where you’ll get the best deals at the last minute. Decide how flexible you can be.

Before heading out on your vacation, make a spending plan. No matter what, decide in advance what you can spend and stick with it. This goes for your children, too. Talk with them ahead of time so they don’t blow their money at the first tourist trap. Save in advance. This can be a fun activity for the whole family while building excitement for the trip. Consider having some “No-Spend” or a “Eat the Pantry” week and deposit everything you don’t spend into your vacation account.  Another money saver is to have a “staycation” where you discover things nearby that you have never explored before. So plan early and consider booking hotels late for extra savings if you plan to travel. Then thank the Lord for the opportunity as you seek to rest and renew your mind. 

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