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Vacation Clubs

Have you vacationed this year?

Vacation clubs are sometimes described as a modern form of a timeshare. Many work on a points-based system for location, dates, and accommodation at resorts, villas, condos, or hotels within their portfolio. There’s an upfront charge plus annual dues or maintenance fees. Exclusive privileges include discounts, priority booking, vacation planning, and more. Some exchange programs allow the trading of points for stays at affiliated properties. Though there’s flexibility of destination and timing, some memberships have long-term commitments. Plus, resale can be challenging. Nerd Wallet says ownership in Marriott’s vacation club starts at around $25,000 plus maintenance fees for anticipated operating expenses. Points not used one year can be rolled over to the next, and borrowing points from the next year is allowed.

There are family-oriented experiences through the Sheraton Vacation Club, which is just one of several clubs offered through Marriott. The question you must answer is whether this kind of vacation will benefit your family in the long run. Can you afford the cost year after year? They work for some people, but I don’t recommend them. The financial commitment and management decisions outside my control are barriers. I like having the flexibility to vacation where I want during a time that fits my schedule. Jesus did ask his disciples to rest and we must rest too. So plan ahead, vacation with a budget, and you’ll return refreshed, without added financial stress.

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