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Two Financial Promises in Proverbs

When it comes to financial principles, one of the most practical books in the Bible is Proverbs. 

Two important promises are found within Proverbs. They are helpful in our effort to handle money in a way that pleases the Lord. Promise Number One:  Wisdom and discipline can be acquired. We all make mistakes, but the Proverbs help us to change to become wise and disciplined in our behavior. When undisciplined, we stumble through life, pay penalties for our bad behavior and often end up in serious trouble. One symptom of a lack of discipline includes falling prey to advertising. You think you need what you see, hear and read about, but clever marketing deceptively creates those needs. So, you struggle to live within your means and become trapped in a cycle of debt. This prevents you from accomplishing your life purpose or achieving your full potential. You desire to accomplish things the easy way rather than taking the necessary time to do things right.

This is why we need Promise Number Two: The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge. Proverbs links the fear of God with ending foolishness. A life of wisdom and discipline begins by giving Him the respect and position in our lives that He deserves. Most people wrongly believe it begins with bettering themselves, but God wants us to acknowledge our need for Him and believe that He has a better way and a better plan. True wisdom begins with reverential awe of God. Confess and repent of your self-reliance so He can teach you His ways. In following them you will be blessed by knowing Him better. 

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