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Two False Gospels

Today, I want to help you to discern what the Bible really says about money.

There are two false teachings about money in the church today.

The prosperity gospel teaches that worldly prosperity is our right, a sign of God’s blessing and the goal of the Christian life. The teachers vary from subtle to outrageous, complete con artists or sincerely wrong. They may truly want people to experience the abundant life promised in Scripture, but place the emphasis on getting rich as opposed to the true riches of a Godly life.

At the other extreme, the poverty gospel teaches that worldly prosperity is a sin, that possessions are evil and that poverty is a sign of righteousness.

Teachers promote self-denial as a means to earn righteousness in God’s eyes. There are those who believe they can flee the evils of the world through isolation and extreme self-denial of comfort and material possessions.

Both are false gospels and far too many people fall victim to the bondage of one or the other of these extreme teachings.

The Bible, the final authority on finances, teaches that we don’t own anything! Rather, we’re stewards of what God provides – whether that’s a little or a lot.

In Psalm 24:1 David proclaimed: The earth is the Lord’s and the fullness thereof, the world and those who dwell therein…

Let’s acknowledge His ownership and accept our role of stewards.

Biblical stewardship is not managing money in such a way that you become free to spend money however you want; it’s managing money in such a way that God is free to spend you however He wants.

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