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Truett Cathy’s Wife – His Chief Supporting Officer

Are you a C.S.O.?

Trudy Cathy White is the daughter of Chick-fil-A’s founder Truett Cathy. In her new book, A Quiet Strength, she reveals that her mother, Jeannette, was dubbed “Chief Supporting Officer.” In her positive uplifting way, she championed her husband, family, and the company behind the scenes. Trudy told the Christian Post, and I quote:

“I hope my mother’s story encourages other women – whether they are businesswomen or stay-at-home mothers – to know that they can make a significant, God-glorifying impact wherever they are. A lot of times women feel that if they’re not in the spotlight they can’t be much of an influence. But my mother was perhaps the greatest influence behind both the success of Chick-fil-A and her family due to her faith and quiet strength…She was willing to step aside and let others get the praise. She always said, ‘If you help others get what they want in life you’ll get what you want out of life.’ She helped others achieve what they wanted to achieve because she didn’t need the praise. Her identity was firmly placed in Christ – and that’s an example I think will inspire all women.”

Well, everyone needs a CSO or a “Chief Supporting Officer” in their lives. Mine is my wife Ann, and I am hers. Working in sync allows us to fulfill the purpose to which we were called. Let me encourage you today to be a CSO. In Christ, we can steward our gifts to encourage all who cross our paths. The impact is immeasurable. 

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