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True Learning


True learning is achieved when you learn to seek knowledge yourself.


I was reminded of this principle when I read a report from the World Economic Forum on how Israeli children lag behind in standardized tests, but have the most business start-ups per capita in the world. In fact, they are ranked #2 in innovation.  

Their nontraditional approach to schooling can be summed up in making the children get “stuck”.

When a child doesn’t know an answer, and no one will give it to him, he’s forced to seek knowledge for himself. Taking the skills he has acquired, applying it to something new and different, then seeking solutions on his own is highly valuable and applicable to all aspects of life.

This challenging and thought-provoking method is the core of the program’s success and based on the fundamental idea that true learning is achieved when seeking knowledge for oneself.

Teachers aren’t simply feeding data and expecting students to regurgitate it on exams. They are conveyors of methodology. When students or teachers don’t have answers, they’re forced to work together and brainstorm. They grow together in the process and reach levels of knowledge they didn’t know existed.

In fact, by encouraging creativity and entrepreneurship, students exceed teachers’ goals. So, although Israeli children may not have the highest international assessment scores, they’ve proven that test results aren’t what matters. It’s the learning process itself.

Solomon said, “The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge, but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” May true knowledge be our desire!

We also know that God designed each of us to excel in different areas. But many of our children don’t fully understand their unique design. Crown’s Career Direct assessment looks at how your personality, skills, interests, and values work together to help you understand this better. It’ll help you or your child see your best learning style, area of work, and how you fit in a team.