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Trapped By Your Finances?

Do you feel trapped by your finances?

There’s a reason why Proverbs says, “The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is the slave of the lender.” (Proverbs 22:7)Are you trying to escape the burden of debt, but just can’t find a way out? The English author Charles Dickens knew this pain. His father was imprisoned for debt when he was only 12. He was forced to leave school and work in a factory just to support himself. The experience impacted him so deeply it was a frequent theme in his novels. Truth is, our debt rarely only affects us. It can dictate where you live, what you eat, and what kind of medical treatment you receive, but it can also become a burden to your children, friends, and family members. It can especially cause a strain on marriages.

This was part of my story. My wife and I struggled for 20 years. We were complete opposites and disagreed about money… a lot. We missed that God brought us together in order to use us for a purpose greater than ourselves. God had to show me I needed my opposite to balance me. I think of it like this: Imagine you’re standing back to back with your spouse. One of you is looking East, the other looking is West. You interlock arms and become one. When you rotate, you gain a complete view of the world. Your spouse has your back and you have theirs. Together you protect and strengthen one another. United you can conquer your financial issues, get out of debt and experience a stronger marriage! That’s what happened to us! 

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