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Top Gifts of the Year

Would you like to know some of the top gifts on Christmas wish lists? I’ll give you a little clue – fidget spinners are not one of them!

Adults and kids alike have put the new iPhone, a drone, wireless headphones, and polaroid cameras at the top of their Christmas lists.

So with such expensive gifts to buy, how are we going to afford it?!

Well, most Americans can’t – but buy them anyway. In fact, many of us are going to spend more money buying Christmas gifts than we have in our savings.

This high spending – and lack of savings – only leads to one thing – more  debt.

So this year, maybe your kids or spouse need the gift of delayed gratification! It may not be as fun as augmented reality, but it’ll sure make your New Year a lot less stressful.

If you’re doing your Christmas shopping, don’t go without a budget! Make one you love at