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Tiny House Living

Could you live in a tiny house?

It may not be as crazy of an idea as it sounds. Zillow’s Home Value Index says that the typical home price in America runs about $355,000. The average price for a tiny house? $50,000. I’m talking about a unit 8 times smaller than the average home. They’re usually less than 400 square feet but typically run around 200. So why has this becoming a booming industry? The main reason is they cost less to build or buy. A smaller footprint means less electricity, heating, and air are needed. They can be portable and are environmentally friendly. It takes less time to clean a tiny house and people claim they gain a higher quality of life. Once they shed all their “stuff”, they discover their happiness improves. Finances also improve for tiny house dwellers. When you don’t have extra space, consumption decreases, and savings increase.

There are some disadvantages to this lifestyle. First of all, tiny homes must meet zoning regulations and building codes. There’s limited space inside for privacy. You’ve got to be organized and accept the fact that there’s just no room for a lot of possessions. However, if you’re in a financial bind, a year or two in a tiny home may be a viable solution. Ask God for guidance and follow Him. Buyers or renters who want to pay off debt and increase saving may find that a tiny house is an affordable answer!  

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