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The Widow and the Oil

Is money tight right now? You may be living paycheck to paycheck, stressed about your finances, and just waiting on God to show up.

Money is stressful. It just is! But we can have peace and know that our Heavenly Father sees every single one of our needs – and is creative and reliable to provide.

One of the most encouraging stories in the Bible is the Widow and the Oil from 2 Kings chapter 4. This woman had absolutely nothing except for a single jar of oil. And God miraculously multiplied her oil to fill every jar she had. She went to work, sold the oil and was then able to pay off her debts and provide for her family.

If you’re waiting for your “jars of oil”, hang in there. Keep working and praying.  God sees you and He has a plan. So be faithful to do your part.

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