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The Value of Hard Work

The Apostle Paul commended those who worked hard. My dad taught me how to do it. 

Dad believed in teaching us to work really hard. He gave us opportunities to work with him around the house on projects, but he knew that learning under the leadership of others was equally as important. My first job was at an amusement park at 14 years old. Working at the concession stand one day, I accidentally set the popcorn machine on fire. My boss figured it was safer for me to operate the rides. I started working in the oil fields at age 16. Dad set me up in my own business while still in high school raising and selling thousands of parakeets. Yes, thousands. My one dozen breeding pairs grew to 1200 breeding pairs. Needless to say, they created a lot of mess for me to clean.

I look back fondly on those early successes and failures that shaped me into who God wanted me to become. Work is so important to our daily lives that God commanded us to “work six days.” God’s Word implies that there’s dignity in labor and one honest profession is not elevated above another. Jobs are a means by which workers can use their talents and abilities to develop Godly character. Hard work teaches you the value of money and how to get along with many different people early in life. Those work lessons are a cornerstone for future careers. The benefit of hard work is a Biblical principle found in Proverbs 14:23. “All hard work brings a profit, but mere talk leads only to poverty.” It’s essential for anyone who desires to glorify God through their labor. 

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