Give Now

The Power of Generosity

My wife recently spent 3 hours at the Department of Motor Vehicles. A young woman she waited with left the counter close to tears because she was short just $2 of the cash she needed. She had stood in line as long as my wife but was going to have to come back another time if she didn’t have just two more dollars. Ann heard the dilemma as it happened and quickly gave her the money and the woman couldn’t believe it. That’s the power of generosity! 

Regular, generous, sacrificial giving is the most powerful way to combat the grip of materialism. It’s a material expression of our spiritual obedience to Christ. It’s our way of acknowledging that God is the owner and provider of all we have and that we are stewards. Giving is described in the Bible as a practice that will bring overwhelming blessings and gifts to our lives. Yet we are out of practice and undisciplined when it comes to obeying the Scripture.

While giving in America has increased, giving to the church has decreased by 32% since 1980.

32%! So, I’m challenging you to support your local church and Christian ministries. Whether young or old, in debt or not, you need to be giving.

Remember the widow who gave 2 small coins, which was everything she had? She believed God would meet her needs and demonstrated her complete dependence on Him. Her story was recorded as an example for us!

All you have belongs to the Lord. Your responsibility is to honor Him in how you use it, including giving.

If you only give what’s left over, then you’re robbing God and yourself. Now God doesn’t promise to reward your giving with lots of money or other earthly blessings, but you will experience blessing perhaps not visible until you get to heaven. He promises to give bountifully if you give generously.

Paul said, Each one must give as he has decided in his heart, not reluctantly or under compulsion, for God loves a cheerful giver. (2 Corinthians 9:7)

Be intentional about giving by either increasing your income or decreasing your spending. Start this week and ask God to multiply it for His kingdom. Together, we can impact the world for Christ.

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