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The Legacy of My Father

88 years ago, a remarkable man was born. My dad

Dad taught me how to work, setting the example, and encouraging me along the way. Raised in poverty, he graduated from high school, joined the Marines, got married, and earned a college degree – the first in his family, while supporting his own family. Dad and I try to talk every day. We discuss books, economic policy, politics, and football. I’m still amazed at how sharp and well-read he is. I love the fact that he continues to wear his khaki pants, a crisp collared shirt, and a pen in his pocket even after retiring to care of my mom. A father’s impact is incalculable, but a loving grandfather, uncle, or neighbor can also demonstrate a godly example of a hard worker.

Help your children understand that we were created to work and that it’s a blessing. It’s a practical way to help them discover the skills and talents that God’s given them. Excellence and diligence combined with humility will equip children to become salt and light at school and eventually in the workplace. Give them jobs to do that will teach responsibility. I love thinking back to the days when my young boys were eager to work alongside me. Thank them for helping you. Praise them frequently. Encourage them to work for others. Build their confidence so they’ll have the courage to face hard tasks in their future. Thank God for your job in their presence. Honor your employer and employees in word and deed. You’ll teach your children to do the same. Thank you for what you taught me, Dad. Happy Birthday!

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