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The Importance of Finances in Relationships

Money impacts your relationships!

There’s a correlation between credit scores and your intimate relationships. Over the years, surveys reveal that a majority of Americans prefer a partner who’s good with money over one who is physically attractive. The Federal Reserve Bank found that people tend to form committed relationships with people whose scores are in the same range, and couples with high credit scores tend to stay together longer. Researchers found that every additional 100 points or so in a couple’s average credit score at the beginning of their relationship, reduced their odds of separating during their second year together by 30%. The study noted that the link between credit scores and relationship longevity probably has to do with creditworthiness. It’s a clear indication of “an individual’s general trustworthiness and their commitment to non-debt obligations.”

Financial stewardship should be addressed in any developing relationship. Being honest about your own financial situation may open the conversation. Transparency about your credit score can be a good starting point. Discuss your financial goals while carefully observing spending habits. If marriage is considered, discuss budgeting, income, and debt. Child support, tax issues, and bankruptcies should not be overlooked. How we handle money is an outward indicator of our overall character. It seriously impacts your relationships! Luke 16:11 says when we’re faithful with little things, we’ll be entrusted with more.

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