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The Bible’s Take on Retirement

Do you think about retirement? Most of us do at some point, but is it even Biblical?

The luxurious life of retirement has been sold to us over the last fifty plus years as something we deserve, and it’s become accepted as normal.

But, it’s not necessarily normal…. biblically or historically.

Some people can retire and some should, but most Christians should not consider traditional retirement. For Christians, retirement should be when we are freed up from day-to-day responsibilities to devote time to serving others without having to get paid for it.

But sadly, a growing number of people aren’t financially prepared to retire. In fact, not saving adequately for retirement is the number one regret of older Americans. Can you imagine the stress of being forced to work, just to make ends meet in the latter years of your life?!

Longer life spans, higher healthcare costs, and excessive debt have reduced the net worth of many people, forcing them to continue to work. In fact, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics expects the over-65 population to be the fastest growing demographic in the workplace by 2024.

This means fewer will be able to donate their time and resources.

So, what’s the solution?

Prepare early! It’s a matter of self-discipline. Ignore what the world says you need to be happy – instead,  avoid debt and save diligently.  develop some long-range goals. Implement a budget!!

I know all of that may sound overwhelming, but I promise it doesn’t have to be. Download a free Money Map and it’ll help you stay on track with all your financial goals and responsibilities – and it’s straight out of Scripture! It’ll help you give, save, and get out of debt. Download your free guide at