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Need some financial encouragement?

I want to read you a letter we received about learning and applying Biblical financial principles. “I’m so grateful for God’s grace. The Crown Budget Coach Course helped me understand His will for our stewardship on earth. My coach helped me prioritize cleaning up my finances according to God’s Word. We focused first on getting out of debt while faithfully tithing, saving for the unexpected, then reveling in opportunities to give once on better financial footing. I learned where I could cut back on spending or pause on saving for retirement to aggressively tackle my debt. What’s more, my coach was invaluable in helping me establish and follow a reasonable budget. God’s ways work 100 percent. If I obey Him, I’ll be fine even if the situation looks insurmountable. God’s economy works differently from man’s. We can’t lean on our own understanding! I didn’t know the best strategy for becoming debt free quickly. My coach showed me how to double and sometimes triple my monthly payments. Plus, I’ve lowered my monthly interest payments with the help of a reputable program. Previously, I took God’s Word on finances to be good suggestions for wise living. I didn’t understand that poor stewardship is disobedience. Likewise, I didn’t understand that much of the “well done, thy good and faithful servant” is tied to how we manage the resources that God’s given us.” Wow! What a great letter!  

If you’re also struggling with credit card debt, Christian Credit Counselors can help you. They’ll create a debt management plan that works. For more information call the Crown Helpline: 800-722-1976 or visit online at