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Testimony Tuesday – Eswatini

Do you have a personal money story?

Crown partners with more than 150 organizations to teach Biblical financial principles worldwide. Recently we were invited by the Finance Minister of Eswatini, formerly known as Swaziland. They asked us to help this small, impoverished nation learn to manage money. We worked with our African partners to train people in faith, family, farming, and finances. Upon completion, we received this testimony:

The Crown Money Map and family sessions were well received due to the problems in their nation. They could relate to Henry’s story (he’s the main character in our training) because like him, debt is high and they have no savings. Going through these sessions, and reading what God says about family and finance, was very helpful. Two scriptures turned their hearts. The first was the passage on debt which said a borrower is like a slave to the lender. Then, the verses about looking at the ants taught them the importance of saving.”

Even though these two sessions were introductory, people saw the value of integrating them into their line of work to bring sustainability. This gave the participants an opportunity to dream about the potential they have when they return home. So how about you? Are you implementing lessons you hear from this radio program? Do you dream about the potential you have? By setting financial goals, working diligently, and living with self-control, you can wisely manage the resources that God provides. Spending less than you earn will give you the ability to support Crown and this radio station to help others learn to apply these principles.

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