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Testimony of Contentment

A friend of Crown wrote me a note with these words: “Contentment really is a reflection of our walk with the Lord. When He’s all that we need, then our material possessions are of much less significance to us.”

Robert explained how he and his family live and the rich benefits:

For us personally, we’ve made a decision to live more simply. No television. No smart phones. And modest, paid for cars. Our children have a much ‘quieter’ heart and contentment in the value of family, home and God. It’s given them unique opportunities to be a testimony for Christ in their own spheres of influence. Even though God has abundantly blessed us in equity, such as land and cattle and sheep, we built a house we could afford to pay for. It is only 1500 square feet with 3 bedrooms. We’ve lived in it for 16 years with 6 children and only 1 bathroom! Just that in and of itself make a loud statement to our sphere of influence of our ability to be content with only what God wants us to have.

When asked about the benefits he said,

“We’re satisfied in whatever state that we find ourselves, whether it be full or empty of material goods. Living within our means and within our abilities is the greatest way we can show contentment…4 of our 6 children are about to be out on their own in college or in their own careers. It’s very worthy to help them to see this great lesson of contentment in whatever station in life God allows, but always strive to follow the stewardship principles He set up in His Word.”

Thank you, Robert, for your great example and for writing me!

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