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Teaching Teens to Save

Are your teenagers learning to save money?

Most students graduate and head off to college focused on the present with no serious thought of saving for the future. Yet, saving should be a habit that they start now and continue once they’re in the workplace. Giving to the Lord first, then paying themselves should become a way of life before graduating high school. Learning to delay gratification for a future need is crucial. They’ll attain financial independence by spending less than they earn and investing the difference. A person who starts investing at age 25 and invests for only 10 years while allowing it to grow will have substantially more at age 65, than a person who invests the same amount starting at age 35. Starting early makes a tremendous difference.

Retirement savings are growing more and more necessary because people are living longer. They need to stretch those funds over more years than ever before. Exercising the simple practice of investing early will set the church apart from the world. In Proverbs, we’re told to go to the ant and learn how to prepare and gather for the future. In addition, I’ve observed how the squirrels on my property prepare for winter. They instinctively work hard for the cold, dark months ahead. Now like them, we must set an example for our children and grandchildren. Let’s teach them diligently, help them set goals, and encourage them along the way. Training our young people in frugal living and extravagant saving will impact their lives in ways we can’t even fathom.

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