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Symptoms of Ignoring God’s Word – Part 2

Have you ignored God’s Word?

Many people in our society come from homes that failed to instill basic values of Biblical stewardship. False attitudes toward money were essentially modeled for them. Knowing how to budget money is essential. Proverbs 13:18 says, “Poverty and disgrace come to him who ignores instruction, but whoever heeds reproof is honored.” Spending less than one earns is vital to avoid many of the financial issues that families encounter. Overspending should be so discouraged in Christian homes that children wouldn’t even consider it a possibility in their own homes later.

Many Scriptures teach about the dangers of material riches, but God’s Word does not teach that poverty is the alternative. Greed and covetousness lead many to financial ruin. Greed is wanting more of what you already have – the endless pursuit of more. Covetousness is wanting what someone else has. Both are misplaced desires because things cannot replace our need for a relationship with the Lord. Setting the standard for pure motives and contentment is transformative. Leaving selfish driven pursuits for the character and goodness of God puts others’ interests ahead of our own.

Use money as a tool in accomplishing God’s plan by conforming to the standards set forth in His Word. Families who wisely steward the resources with which they’ve been entrusted establish a reasonable standard of living. They work, give, save, spend wisely, and invest. Priorities are revamped, and gratitude replaces fear. They learn to trust His promises by abiding in Him and seeking His will.

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