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Surrendering Ownership

Have you surrendered ownership of everything to the Lord?

Transferring ownership to God is essential if you want to experience the Spirit-filled life in the area of your finances. It’s not something to just check off a list. It requires intentional time in prayer – asking the Lord to reveal things that you need to let go of. Family, time, possessions, and future earnings all belong to Him. The Bible makes it clear that the battle to live godly lives is won or lost first in our hearts before we make decisions or follow a certain course. In every area of our lives, we must consciously determine to follow God’s way, whatever the cost. Then when our sinful nature tries to surface and take control, we have the grace to resist temptations. We’re given strength through Christ to live lives that are pleasing to Him.

Open your heart to your Heavenly Father. Allow Him to deal with you right where you are in life. Our lives are not who we are, they’re who we’re becoming. Elisabeth Elliot, widow of slain missionary Jim Elliot, wrote, “…remind us that it is in losing ourselves that we find You.”  What attitude about money is hidden in your heart that’s contrary to God’s plan for you? Bad attitudes and long-held beliefs may be hindering your spiritual growth. Take the time to pray about this. Then confess what He reveals to you. Root it out and plant His Word in its place. God can create in you a pure heart, and renew a steadfast spirit within you. Just ask Him.

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