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Sudden Wealth – Part 2

Wealth can be a terrible burden. 

The newly rich often confront unexpected problems and the appearance of new “friends.” Some suffer from stress in a condition called Sudden Wealth Syndrome. It manifests itself in discomfort around old friends, guilt, and paralysis in decision-making. Fear and distrust can lead to isolation. Placing one’s identity in Christ, being active in a Bible-believing church, and having fellowship with believers helps minimize the syndrome. I’ll never forget the shock of arriving at a new friend’s home for dinner. His family gave no outward appearance of wealth, yet their home and property was a mansion specifically designed to serve the body of Christ. They made a fortune in business, but never forgot the price that Christ paid for them and the responsibility entrusted to them to manage His money wisely.

Avoid hasty decisions and major purchases until you fully understand all the tax and legal repercussions. Money is finite. It’s important to invest the time needed to responsibly handle it. Setting a budget will guard against the accumulation of more and more things. Keep your eyes on eternity and define what is “enough.” This will enable you to set a realistic spending plan and protect you from worldly acquisitions.

Crown’s founder, Larry Burkett, capped his lifestyle so he could live generously. Before he passed away, he was able to give away a large sum of money without hesitation. He had set his finish line well in advance. Whether wealthy or not, discipline yourself to manage money for God’s glory – not your own pride and ego.

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