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Success In Savings Is Having A Plan

My son, John, recently totaled his car. Thankfully he was not injured. Although the car was a total loss he learned first hand about the value of having a savings account.

John was taught to save from an early age. He used the giving, saving and spending method every time he earned money. So, when he totaled his car, he realized that he had to replace it in order to be able to drive to work. So, he borrowed one of our cars until he found a good used one that he could afford. It was no fun pulling $5000 out of savings, but it was a whole lot better than taking out a loan and paying interest! In fact, I think he was very pleased to be able to show me that he was prepared.

For some, saving is a very natural habit. It comes easily to them and helps them feel financially stable. For others, it takes a great deal of effort. 

The Bible talks extensively about saving because it’s an integral part of the stewardship journey.

Every time you save money, you take a step back from the ledge of the financial cliff. When you live without margin, one gust of wind could push you over the edge.

The key to being successful at saving is to have a plan. Simply having money left in your bank account at the end of the month without a budget, goals, or a plan doesn’t count as true saving. That’s called a good accident!

Biblical saving is an intentional, purposeful habit that we have to work towards and maintain. It will help you get out of debt, stay out of debt, and live with financial margin that allows you to give generously and quit worrying about money.

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