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Strong Families – Part 2

Are you investing in your family?

Prosperity flows from stable family units who invest wisely. Invest in financial stability by spending less than you earn. A budget can guide you. Invest in activities by making family time a priority. Set aside money in your budget for things you want to do together. A wise friend of mine once told me that buying a boat when his children were young was “the best money he ever wasted.” The boat created lifelong memories that his family cherishes.

Another friend purchased old cars that he and his sons worked on and restored over the weekends. Each car was the basis for a stewardship lesson. He said, “This investment kept my boys off the streets, off drugs, and close to our family. It was worth every penny I ever spent, even if I lost money on the car.” Invest in their skills. What are their interests? What skills do they need to develop? Can you involve extended family? The boys who restored cars became mechanics. One found a career in the field of car racing. The father’s investment paid financial dividends for the rest of their lives.

Invest in their financial future. Help them develop self-confidence and a healthy identity in an environment of love and acceptance. Investment early in their lives will create loyalty and strength. Now there’s no guarantee in building strong families, but intentional living is better than just hoping. If things aren’t going well don’t beat yourself up. See each day as a new opportunity to build stronger unity in your family.

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