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Strong Families – Part 1

How strong is your family?

Prosperity of every form flows from the family. Riches are found within the bonds of a loving family unit. Out of that stability, we create and share God’s blessings with the world. No other living arrangement compares to the financial and emotional well-being that’s generated from a faithful, committed marriage and family. Yet today, many are fragmented, under pressure, and being pulled apart. When families fail to form or fracture, the financial and emotional consequences can be extreme. The overall well-being of families is interrelated with finances. That’s why intentionality is required to avoid the destruction happening today. The University of Nebraska studied the characteristics of strong families. Over a 35-year period, researchers found several defining strengths. 

First, commitment: they make their relationships a high priority. Appreciation: they let each other know they’re important. Communication: they discuss issues, listen well, and laugh together. Time together: they’re intentional about planning activities. Spiritual wellness: they have shared beliefs. Crisis and stress: they’re able to cope with difficulties and are resilient. As the old saying goes, love is often spelled T.I.M.E. By choosing to live according to God’s financial principles, you create the financial capacity to have more time together. You also avoid the crisis and stress generated by the mismanagement of money.

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