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Stop Buying Things You Don’t Need

Ever buy things you don’t need?

Years ago, Lauren Greutman wrote an article addressing the reasons you purchase things you don’t need.  Here’s what she discovered. 

You want to impress people. You’re selfish.

• You don’t think through what you already have before buying.

• You’re depressed and you feel better buying more stuff.

• You’re exposed to too much advertising.

• You feel that more stuff gives you greater security.

• Or you neglect creative solutions to your problem.

Real solutions to these issues begin when you discover your true identity in Christ. Greed and pride will keep you in bondage. Long-term purchases, especially on credit, won’t make you feel any better. In fact, they’ll harm you with added stress. 

In just 21 days you can break the shopping habit and develop a savings habit. Only go to the store if necessary – and then, with a list. Eliminate all impulse purchases. Limit time on TV, social media, and window shopping. Guard your heart and mind to protect yourself from what the world says you need. Things won’t buy you peace or security. Only God can do that. Give thanks for what you already have. Delight yourself in the Lord and find a way to serve others. He’ll put people in your life that you can help with time or money – rather than spending it all on yourself. So, think before you buy. Is it a need? Can you borrow, fix, or find a used one? Ask God, be patient, then see what happens!

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