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Stewardship of Your Health

“An apple a day keeps the doctor away!”

I like to add to that expression: “A walk a day keeps a healthy 401(k)!” Keeping an active lifestyle keeps you fit and saves you a significant amount of money. It reduces long-term health costs, allowing you to save and plan for big purchases, retirement, and generous giving. One study found that, on average, someone who walked or worked out 30 minutes five times a week saved $2,500 a year in health care expenses related to heart disease compared to someone who was sedentary. One researcher linked regular exercise to an average 9% boost in pay. It’s likely due to improved energy, mental acuity, and your mood. An article at Active Health reports that exercise can increase your immune response, lower illness risk, and reduce inflammation. The benefits are enormous! It’s also been shown to reduce the risk of infections, cardiovascular disease, and many cancers.

In addition, there are significant mental and social health benefits. The key is consistency. We’ve probably all seen the difference in those who are active and those who aren’t. It’s pretty shocking. So, set some goals and develop good habits. Gluttony, laziness, overworking, and neglect of our body is an insult to our Creator. He designed you with a unique purpose and intent. Don’t limit that by neglecting your health. Good stewardship of your body is good stewardship of your finances! So, eat your apple, exercise, and see the results. 

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