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Stewarding Riches

Do you have the heart of a steward? 

In Psalm 62:10, King David wrote, “If riches increase, set not your heart on them.”  He was warning us of the risk that increased wealth brings to our love for God. The heart of a steward is to love God and God only.  Jesus taught us that we cannot serve God and money, that we would love one and hate the other. To protect our hearts and remain faithful stewards we must acknowledge two truths.  First, we’re not the owners of riches, we’re temporary caretakers. Second, riches are not only a blessing, they’re also a responsibility. Our prayers should be for continual gratitude for what God has provided and a continual seeking of His direction to manage what He entrusts to our care.

The Parable of the Talents reveals that the unfaithful steward did not believe or trust God, so he clung to his one talent. Likewise, a real test of our heart is if we’re willing to give generously. This helps us avoid the temptation to believe that the riches we have belong entirely to us.  The fact is, none of it does: not the 10% we give to God or the 90% we keep for ourselves.  That’s why some believers start with a tithe and increase their giving percentage annually as a reminder that God is the Owner and they’re simply His stewards. Hearts that are prepared to manage riches avoid a false sense of security, of pride or even fear of loss. Riches are to be managed like anything else that God gives us. 

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