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Stewarding Health: Nature Prescriptions

I love walking with my grandchildren.

Walking with children opens our eyes to their world and things adults take for granted. Unfortunately, many children were kept at home during Covid, some for days on end. Parents often used screens for babysitters. 

Some pediatricians report a 30 to 60-pound weight gain in their patients. Now these are children! That much extra weight is detrimental to their physical and mental health! Reuters recently reported that doctors have started writing nature prescriptions. Nature Prescriptions say: go to the park, do this activity, this many days a week. Doctors find locations, activities, and amenities for specific patients at a site called Park Rx America. They know nature reduces anxiety, depression, and stress and helps with weight loss and overall physical and mental health. Social connectivity is achieved when children play at parks and adults visit with others. 

Ann and I walk every day we can. We’ve developed new friendships and deepened relationships with neighbors. We walk at different hours of the day in all kinds of weather. Now others prefer to hike, bike, or play golf and tennis. The key is getting outside and staying active! says walking does amazing things for us. 

• It improves our mood and sleep

• Increases metabolism and burns calories 

• It reduces the risk of chronic diseases

Getting outside exposes us to God’s creation and stimulates our senses. So, take a child when you can. You’ll benefit in multiple ways! 

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