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Start Saving for Vacation

Beautiful beaches, stunning natural wonders, thrilling adventure parks – are you ready for summer vacation?!

I hope you have a vacation plan with your family this year. We usually take a road trip to Texas and always make such fun memories together.

But it may be more difficult this year, because airline tickets and hotel prices have increased. You may not find incredible deals like you have in the past, so it’s even more important to budget and save early.

Start looking for good deals and set up a savings goal so you aren’t tempted to go into debt. With a faithful heart, and disciplined hands, you can have a nice little getaway – that you can afford!

But also remember you don’t have to travel far to have a vacation. God designed us to rest, so work it into your weekly routine at home.

To get started on that budget and savings plan, download Crown’s easy to use guide at