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Spiritual Advice Is the Most Practical Advice!

Spiritual advice is the most practical advice.

I often hear that people simply want practical advice when it comes to money. Spiritual advice is often viewed as secondary – dealing only with the soft issues of life – not with the hard, bottom-line, tangible issues. Many people think about money the same way the Pharisees thought about being “unclean” – that it’s an external matter that simply doesn’t involve the heart or mind. Well, that’s a major mistake.  Listen carefully to what Jesus taught in Matthew 15:18-20. “But the things that come out of a person’s mouth come from the heart, and these defile them. For out of the heart come evil thoughts—murder, adultery, sexual immorality, theft, false testimony, and slander. These are what defile a person; but eating with unwashed hands does not defile them.”

You see, financial problems start in our heart. We make bad practical choices because we have bad spiritual beliefs, attitudes, and motives. Unless we allow God’s Word to deal with our hearts, we could be a financial success in Man’s Economy and an utter failure in God’s Economy. The most practical advice I can give you in regard to your financial challenges is to know and apply spiritual truth to your financial choices. Never let anyone convince you that managing money is all about behaviors. You must first have the correct heart attitude and financial beliefs. If our beliefs aren’t aligned with God’s Word, we could do all the right things, with all the wrong motives.

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