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Social Security Phone Scams

Do you know how to recognize phone scams? You should!

Someone left me a voice message threatening to cancel my Social Security benefits unless I called a particular number.


The Social Security Administration (or SSA) will rarely call unless you’ve contacted them first, and an actual employee would not ask for your social security number or threaten you.

Scammers can sound official, and fake government titles make them seem authentic, but they want personal information to steal your identity or money from bank accounts.

Now if they say that “the Social Security computers are down” or refer to the Medicare prescription drug program, DON’T give them any information.

Be skeptical if a caller claims to be with any type of Administration or an “officer with the Inspector General of Social Security.” Just hang up!

Now, don’t return robocalls, and don’t give your Social Security number or other personal information to someone who contacts you by e-mail. SSA never requests information that way.

Now the main part of an address from any official government office should end with “.gov/” A site with anything between .gov and the slash is fake.

Now you can set up what’s called My Social Security account online and check it on a monthly basis. You can also install a robocall-blocking app on your smartphone or through your mobile network provider. You and I have to be alert at all times!

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