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Shopping – An Emotional Experience

Shopping is an emotional experience.

Did you know that stores market to your emotions? Experts know what triggers the desire to make purchases. So products are intentionally displayed and packaged to create people’s desire to buy. They actually attempt to create the need to satisfy certain feelings. Whether it’s joy, excitement, hope, or security, merchants want you to have a pleasurable experience and leave on a high note. Why? Because you’ll come back and buy more! However, everyone responds differently after making a purchase. Guilt may overwhelm those who spend more than what’s been set in their budget. They may hesitate to shop again or experience a distaste in general to avoid shame or guilt. Others are thrilled to find items that satisfy particular needs. It could be the discovery of a perfect gift or a decreased price on an item they’ve been eyeing for some time. Others buy due to psychological issues like hoarding, or insecurity, or the need to be accepted.

It’s important to understand your emotions and what makes you want to shop. If you struggle with overspending, find something else to do when the urge hits. Read a book, call a friend, or go on a walk. Stop, pray, and give thanks for all you already have. Learning to separate your identity from the things you buy will enable you to spend far less money to make yourself feel good. That’s why God’s Word makes it clear that we enter the world naked, we leave naked, and naked has no pockets.

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