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Set Goals, Work Together & Find Your “Swing”

Do you and your spouse work together to save money? 

My wife and I used a week of my vacation this year in March. We chose to invest my time off at home cutting down trees and working in the yard. She gave me the green light to buy a bigger chain saw and efforts moved twice as fast. We started each day discussing the trees that needed to come down. Then, we prayed for protection and wisdom. I cut while Ann dragged away branches. We literally saved thousands of dollars by working together as a team.

Every couple can save money by simply trying. With love and respect, a man and woman can put their heads together and analyze where corners can be cut. When each does their part, gratitude, amazement, and joy will be experienced. It’s like rowers in a boat who find their “swing”. George Pocock was a builder of racing shells and achieved international recognition with the Olympic rowing crew from the University of Washington. His achievements as a builder and his philosophy of rowing have inspired oarsmen, coaches, and others. There’s a thing called “swing” in rowing in which oarsmen row in perfect unison – no one’s out of synch with the others. According to Pocock, “Therein lies the secret of successful crews: Their swing makes the work of propelling the shell a delight.” A key to frugal living in marriage is finding your “swing”. Work together towards a common goal. Soon you’ll experience the reward of your efforts and this will motivate you to keep at it. 

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