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Seeking A New Career?

Want a flexible job that keeps up with inflation? 

Last month, Glassdoor reported that America’s best job is a Java Software Developer.  It pays from $69,000 to $125,000 a year, but can have a base salary of more than $93,000. There are currently 10,000 active job openings. They’re heavily recruited by startup companies needing web applications to increase sales and marketing. Plus, they can work remotely. Now most have a computer science degree and certification in IT. They get experience in database management and computer architecture while gaining expertise in Java programming.

Continued discontentment with the labor market was obvious by the number of workers who quit jobs last year. Yet, God created us to work. He blessed each of us with unique talents and abilities to develop and use for our good and his glory. It may take a few jobs to find your sweet spot. So, can I encourage you just to keep working? Consider going back to school to gain certifications or a degree. This can boost your confidence and open doors to higher wages and job satisfaction. Sometimes employers will pay for your higher education, knowing that better trained employees will benefit the company. All you have to do is ask or apply. Seeking a new career path is exciting. It won’t be easy, but God can provide the strength you need. Plan ahead financially. Temporary sacrifices are worth the long-term benefits of job satisfaction. 

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