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Savings Day – Why and How

It’s Build Your Savings Day!

Did you know the Bible teaches that what you save is as important as what you earn? The discipline of saving is what helps prevent debt and prepares you for the future. Setting goals and lifestyle parameters will provide margin and keep you from spending every dollar you earn. Planning means having to make sacrifices, but you’ll gain freedom and confidence with every dollar you save. 

Here are 3 “Don’ts”: 1) Don’t be fooled by advertising. 2) Don’t believe you need “the best.” 3) Don’t make quick decisions.

The 3 Do’s: 1) Pray for self-control. 2) Delay gratification. 3) Set aside a little from everything you earn.

Saving impacts your future and frees you to serve Christ. For help increasing your savings, download the ELI App at