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Savings Day – Take Time to Work on Your Finances

A record number of Americans say that their primary financial regret since Covid-19 is “not saving enough for emergencies.” 

A financial plan could have prepared people for the unexpected, but in my years of counseling couples, many can’t seem to get there or stay consistent. Most couples don’t take the time necessary to work on their finances. They spend lots of time together dating or courting, but too often they ignore their financial future. Everyone needs to set aside time to plan, write it down, and then faithfully implement it. Take a weekend for you and your spouse to discuss your financial goals. Then, make a plan to get there. Or, start with a couple hours each week at a time and place where you can relax and focus.

Sound financial management is an aspect of the Christian life that requires God’s wisdom. We have to rely on His Word to make good financial decisions. Be positive while practicing patience and moderation in building an emergency fund. Avoid get-rich-quick schemes, no matter how tempting, and don’t get involved in financial decisions that require instant action, but allow God to take His course. The difference between a profit and a loss may well be the attitude with which we approach financial investments. So be flexible, but don’t change your plans just because somebody tells you something different. As long as you have peace, follow God’s plan for your life. Remember, “Steady plodding brings prosperity.” (Proverbs 21:5) Financial decisions not only help you prepare for the unexpected, they have both earthly and eternal impact. 

My wife, Ann, and I wrote a book called Money Problems, Marriage Solutions: 7 Keys to Aligning Your Finances and Uniting Your Hearts. It’s a help for conquering financial issues together. You can get your copy today at