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Savings Day – Save and Live Without Fear

Save now and reduce your  fear!

A spirit of fear has gripped the hearts of many people across the world. There’s a fear of Covid, job loss, inflation and in America, depreciating retirement plans. 25 million older Americans are financially insecure. Half of those 55 and older have nothing saved. Many only have $10,000 set aside. $10,000! So here are a few of my tips:

You save money by spending wisely. A few lifestyle changes in housing, transportation, food and entertainment can make a dramatic difference in your finances. Cut back where you can, and you’ll find some dollars to save. A budget is a simple tool that will help you overcome financial fears. With the investment of a few hours, a budget will give you a visual guide of where your money goes. Then, you make adjustments so your money goes where you want it!

Now, if you’re gripped by fear, you’re not resting in Christ. The Apostle Paul said, “…do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God.” So stop where you are and give thanks to God for all you have. Get your eyes off yourself and onto Him. Thank Him, sincerely, for ALL that you have. Then, present your requests to Him. He’ll quiet your heart so that you can take the necessary steps to start saving. He does His part but you have to do yours. It’s required of stewards. When you remove the paralysis of fear and the emotions that go with it, you can set some reasonable goals, and begin making progress! 

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