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Savings Day – “No-Spend Month”

Trying to catch up on your savings? 

A no-spend month can build your savings. Sound impossible? Nah, you get to set the rules. The challenge requires thoughtful, disciplined spending. Ponder, “What purchases are controlling my life? What could I eliminate? What options do I have besides spending money?” Lauren Schwahn at the NerdWallet writes that she committed to a no-spend January by omitting unnecessary purchases. Her goal? To financially recover from Christmas. She recommends determining a specific goal. This creates an emotional connection that motivates perseverance.

Here are some more of her tips. Customize your “no-spend month”. Decide where you can eliminate spending. Consider giving up all non-essential spending. In this case, you’ll find many dollars to save. Set food challenges like no eating out or grocery shopping, or fashion challenges that include no online browsing. At the risk of stepping on toes, try foregoing manicures, pedicures, and hair salons. A month like this can prepare you for a year of frugal shopping and help you achieve many goals.

A support system will encourage you throughout the month. Seek accountability with them. One year I gave up desserts and posted pictures of the most tempting treats I had to say “No” to. With the support of my followers, I stayed the course. Avoid shopping in your free time whether in person or online. Advertisers know how to tempt you with things, not on your radar. Try a no-spend month and let me know how it goes.

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