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Savings Day – Just Ask

Have you ever saved money by asking?

My friend, Matt Bell, at Sound Mind Investing says he saves money just by asking. He’s had fees waived, subscription prices lowered, price hikes canceled and even costly vehicle repairs more than reimbursed by the manufacturer. Anytime he receives notice that a monthly bill is about to increase, he calls customer service. He doesn’t complain. He isn’t rude. He simply asks if they can help him out. And, guess what? Nine out of ten times it pays off. He’s done it with his home security alarm company, the cable company, his cell phone provider, and a newspaper that he subscribes to electronically.

Once he called the headquarters of his car manufacturer. He explained his problem and the person listening said they had received other complaints about the same issue. They extended a warranty to cover the cost of repairs, but it had already expired for his van. Most people would have been disappointed and given up, but not Matt. He said that since they acknowledged it was a manufacturing issue, wouldn’t they still fix the problem? The person called him back several days later with a credit worth $750 for future maintenance and repairs. You may not be comfortable asking for a price break. Matt says, just try it. After a few victories, you’ll be hooked. Be polite, expect a “no” or two, but rejoice when they say “yes”! 

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