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Savings Day – Health and Wealth

Health and wealth are related in multiple ways. 

Health professionals recommend that adults spend a minimum of 2 ½ hours of moderate aerobic exercise and muscle strengthening each week. This reduces the risk of certain diseases and improves sleep and mood – not to mention lowering stress and anxiety. A recent study found that adults who maintained moderate or high levels of exercise saved more than $1200 annually in health care costs. Those who exercised in young adulthood saved nearly $2,000. Those who waited to exercise until after age 40 saved less, but averaged around $800 per year. Rutgers published the financial impact that various health-related changes could make. Here are some findings: 

• Save $3 a day currently spent on junk food, alcohol, or fast food – that’s $1100 annually.

• Get 2 meals from 1 by eating smaller servings – annual savings $500

• Quit smoking – save $1800

• Substitute pasta, beans, or soup for meat several times each week  – and save $800 

• Reduce eating out 2 meals per week – save $500

These simple changes total nearly $5000 per adult. That’s $10,000 per couple! In addition, healthy people pay lower premiums for life insurance, and they increase the odds of living a long and healthy life. Investing in your health is as important as stocks and bonds.

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