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Savings Day – Find a Bank for Savings Accounts

Is your savings account growing? 

A savings account is essential for setting aside emergency funds. lists banks they recommend and simple tips to finding one that fits your parameters. Make sure you have enough money to open and maintain a minimum balance requirement. Does the bank charge account fees? Don’t let monthly maintenance fees consume the interest you earn and possibly your principal. It’s important to choose banks that are FDIC-insured. Always verify that your account balance falls within their limits and guidelines. Aim for a high annual percentage yield otherwise known as APY. That’s tough with today’s low interest rates. Online banks tend to offer better rates because of their lower overhead. Check the ease of deposits and withdrawals.  Some online banks provide ATM cards, and apps for transferring funds. This is extremely important when the need for emergency funds arise with unexpected situations. Finally, take advantage of any cash bonus for new accounts. It’s free money! Just remember if it’s too good to be true then watch out!

Set goals and save consistently. I recommend these important practices: set up an automatic transfer so every time you get paid, money is transferred out of your spending account. Out of sight, out of mind works well when saving money. Then, always put a portion of surprise income, like a bonus, a raise or a gift into you savings account. This should be a lifelong habit. As the Bible says, Consider the ant and be wise.

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