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Savings Day – Extend the Life of Your Laptop

Are you a good steward of your laptop?

Computers have become a necessity for us, but let’s face it, a decent laptop can be expensive. You can extend its life and save the cost of a new one with a few simple tips. Treat it gently. Avoid leaving it in sunlight or in a hot car. A desktop or smooth surface will provide necessary air flow to prevent overheating. Avoid setting it on the bed or carpet. Keep it clean. Cigarette smoke, pet fur, and dust are problems. Keep beverages away and don’t eat while you type. Should crumbs get into the keyboard, just turn it off. Turn it upside down and tap gently to dislodge them. Occasionally dust the keyboard with a special brush, canned air or small compressed air blower. Wipe the keys with a microfiber cloth that’s barely dampened with a few drops of alcohol. Plastic dental cleaners with tiny bristles can remove sticky debris. Try watching YouTube demonstrations.

In addition, run software and system updates regularly. Oh, and, don’t charge it continuously. Storing lots of files will slow your computer performance. You may think you need to buy a new hard drive. First, try a Disk Cleanup tool. It scours the drives and removes unused or unnecessary files, without harming the computer. It will maximize the drive’s memory and help your laptop run more reliably and securely. Overall, it saves time and increases efficiency. Prolonging the life of your computer is a simple way to steward some time and money.

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