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Savings Day – Cut the Cost of Auto Insurance

If you’re trying to save money, negotiate your car insurance!

It’s possible that you’re paying hundreds of dollars too much for your car insurance. In January, listed their 11 favorite cheap car insurance companies and those that work best for different situations. Whether you’re a high mileage driver, a safe driver, or one with an accident history – there’s a plan for you.

Several factors affect the cost of coverage besides your driving record. Did you know there’s a connection between lower credit scores and higher instances of claims? Someone who is financially responsible is probably going to act more responsibly in other areas of life as well. So work on raising your credit score, then get a new quote. The youngest and oldest drivers are involved in more wrecks than others. The make and model of your car may raise your rates if they cost more to repair or cause more damage in collisions. Newer cars cost more to replace, so insuring them is more expensive, but safety features can lower your rates. The more you drive, the higher your premiums because you increase the likelihood of being in a wreck.

Geography is also a biggy. The risk of theft, numbers of cars on the highways near you, and weather patterns impact your cost. Do your homework and shop around. Ask about discounts including those not advertised. Eliminating comprehensive coverage and limiting liability insurance to your state’s minimum requirement can reduce costs – as well as bundling policies with the same provider. A few phone calls can possibly jumpstart your savings!

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